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Google Classroom - Still in its infancy (Pt. 2)

One of the things that often discourages me in moving from one program to another, whether it's an application or a L.M.S. in this case, is how much of a hassle it is to transfer or move things over. The first thing I wanted to take a look at was how easy would it be to transfer quizzes and tests into Google Classroom. And the answer is….you can't. Let me first talk about how I've done it with Moodle and then I'll take a look at Google Classroom alternative. Read More…

Google Classroom - Still in its infancy

Every conference that I've attended this fall has been focused on Google. The big thing has been the move towards Google Classroom. I've been using a Moodle for around 10 years. I've seen Moodle change over the years. Read More…

Old Dog, New Tricks? - Moodle, Edmodo, or Google Classroom

The old saying is, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" in some cases may be true, but another cliche could be true in this case, "why fix it if isn't broke." Why do I mention these sayings? I have to back track a little to see the whole picture. Three or four years ago, people were jumping on the Edmodo bandwagon. Going to various conferences the big talk was Edmodo. There would be numerous presentations or sessions talking up the virtues of Edmodo. I would explain to people that I used a Moodle. The conversation would turn to attempting to convince me why Edmodo was a better choice. Often times, people knew very little about Moodle but were convinced Edmodo was a better online alternative. It felt a little like somehow they had a personal stake in my decision. I setup several classes in Edmodo and experimented with its features. However, I felt that Moodle offered options that Edmodo didn't include within its structure.
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Social Media or Me Media

I've been thinking about Social Media lately and want to broach this topic without people getting defensive. If I think back to what Karl Marx said about religion, in some ways I think the same can be said regarding social media . Often times, people misinterpreted what Marx was saying about religion. When they hear Marx, regarding religion, what they hear is he's anti-religion, "He said religion is the opioid of the masses." What he really talked about was that economic realities wouldn't allow the poor to find true happiness in this life. Therefore, happiness will come in their next life according to religious teachings. Read More…

Bonuses & Test Scores

As times change, so does education. More and more education moves more towards test scores as a gauge in determining its value. The more schools move towards test scores, it seems the more they move away from an emphasis on higher level thinking skills. Some educators will justify that testing has shifted towards higher level thinking skills, therefore it is appropriate to move curriculum towards focusing on improving students testing scores. Read More…