The Future Classroom...Perhaps

Can we be that far away from a school day like this? When opinion outweighs research and fact finding? Read-on
Imagine a possible day in the life of a student in the future, let's say this student's name is Donny. Let's look-in on a typical day for Donny.
Donny arrives at school via his parent dropping him off in front of the school. Donny doesn't like to take the bus to school because he thinks there are "Mexicans" on the bus. And Donny once told his schoolmates, "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best and when they put them on the bus, the same is true."
He arrives at his locker, which is nicely decorated in a way that resembles a tower. On the tower, he has his name in gold letters. Again he tells his schoolmates, "I put my name on lockers because it sells better." When asked by a schoolmate what it is he's selling, Donny responds, "You'd be amazed by what I have to sell. I've made a fortune off these items."
In homeroom, Donny is the loudest in the class. He is heard on a daily basis making comments such as "My life is about winning. My life has not been about losing." A majority of his classmates find Donny to be, well…almost presidential!
He is now off to his first period class, Social Studies. In this class, Donny is scheduled to give a report on Ancient Greece. Donny is called to the front of the class to read his report. "I'm here today to talk about Ancient Greece. Let me just say that if I lived back then you would be amazed at the things I would have done! The changes I would make would be huge, incredible! As the emperor, your life would be so much better! People would be in shock on what I'd be doing. There wouldn't be all of these city-states, I'd bring them all together. And if they didn't want to? I'd tell them to go #*&* themselves. I would do a better job because I'd know more than their generals back them…believe me. And to stop the Persian's from attacking us all the time, I'd build a great wall…and nobody builds walls better than me, and I'll build them very inexpensively. And I will make the Persians pay for it! And as far as my life and what part of Greece I'd be from? I'd definitely be a Spartan. Athenians are weak! And have you seen those women? Believe me, if you looked at them you'd know what I mean. I'd have a beautiful Spartan wife. And my daughter? If she wasn't my daughter, I'd definitely be dating her. But to sum this all up, I'd be fantastic! You couldn't imagine how powerful I'd be! I would be so good at military your head would spin! An extremely credible source has told me I'd have been the best leader ever! I'd be incredibly wealthy! Remember you can never be too greedy." The classroom broke out in a loud applause, as the teacher commended Donny for an excellent presentation. "Donny, what a presentation! You are a natural born leader! And now students, back to our preparing for the state testing." The period ends and Donny is off to his next class.

Donny arrives in his math class and the first assignment is a warm up activity. The teacher asks the classroom, "Does anyone want to explain their answer?" Donny raises his hand and states the problem, "The train leaves the station at 12:20 PM traveling at 50 mph, what time will the train arrive at the station 450 miles away." He then proceeds to give his answer, "Ok, let me tell you the current rail system is a mess. The current administration has done nothing to fix it. If I was in charge I would do amazing things. Our trains would be so much better and faster then they ever were! Let me just say I've heard that the train would never have left on time anyway….I'm just saying." The class moves on to their current project, given a budget, students would need to furnish their own apartment. Donny again volunteers to give a report on his project's current status. "First of all, I'd never rent. Part of the beauty of me, is I'm very rich. I'd purchase the apartment building and I'd put my name on the building because it would it sell better." The teacher interrupts Donny and says, "but Donny you were given a budget and you are over $900,000 over budget!" Donny replies, "
Sorry losers and haters, but my IQ is one of the highest-and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault. Any way these loses would make a great tax deduction! I know the tax laws better than anyone." The class erupts in applause! The teacher wonders to herself, "Where are we going with education today?" The period ends and off Donny goes.

He heads to his Language Arts class, where students are putting the finishing touches on their book reports. The class decided to read the book, Unbroken. The teacher asks the students what their thoughts on the book are, Donny raises his hand. The teacher calls on him and he states, "He's not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured." The teacher responds, "I'll be interested in reading your report Donny." Donny replies, "You'll be amazed at how great it is. It is the best report that anyone has ever written." Out the door he goes to his final class of the morning, Science.

In science, they are studying global warming. He comes into the classroom seeming to be angry and frustrated. The teacher notices and asks him what is wrong. "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. So why are we going through this worthless activity? Can I get a drink?" Donny leaves the classroom and spends the period meeting and greeting other students. He returns at the end of the period to gather his things and heads out for lunch.

At lunch his runs into his "friend", Crispy. Crispy asks Donny, "How has your day been?" Donny replied, "I'm telling you I know more than the teachers. You'd be amazed at all that I know." Crispy tells Donald, "Look Donny, if you ever need someone to run a road block for you let me know. I'd be happy to be the bridge between them and you!" Donny decides he's had enough for the day and decides to leave school for the day. Another day where Donny shows teachers and students just how amazing he is.
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