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Part 1: Not a Moodle Plugin But Sure Helps

If you have a textbook that included the ExamView software, you might have had a nightmare experience attempting to take tests that you create in ExamView and move to your Moodle. I found this especially true if your exam included images.  Version 4.x of ExamView included an XML export feature.  I was using version 5.x of the program and ran into all kinds of difficulty trying to import tests into my Moodle.  I went online and found various instructions on how to do this successfully, i.e. export as a Blackboard and import as a Blackboard file.  The way I would do this would be to go to File-Export-Blackboard6.0+ and export the file.
Exporting a test from ExamView as Backboard file.
During the export process, I would need to create a directory for images incase any of my tests contains any images.
Creating a directory for any images contained in the test.
Once it was exported, I would locate where I saved the file (saves as a .zip file) and uncompress it.  It would create a folder with two files and a folder.  I will take the res00000.dat file and use this file to import into Moodle.
The .dat file is the file used to import an ExamView test into Moodle.
When I’m in my course with Moodle, I import the test data into my newly created quiz.  I select the 
Administration Panel-Question bank-Import option as noted below.
mporting a ExamView .dat file into a quiz.
The import screen will appear and I need to complete the process by following the 3 steps that are indicated below. First thing to do, is to select
 Blackboard as your file format. Next,  I can either click and drag my file to Moodle or select Choose a Fileand locate it on my computer.  Once those two steps are completed, I select the Import button to complete the process.
I follow these 3 steps to import .dat file
Now that I’ve imported and setup my quiz, everything seems to be ok.  I see all my questions listed and my test seems like it is ready to go live!  However, there is one problem that has arisen from this import.  One of my questions has a map that students need to use in order to answer the question. During the import process it imported all of the text but the image is missing!
During the import process the image got left behind!
Now if it is one picture, I can go into my uncompressed .zip file and locate the ress00000 folder. Open that folder and then open the ppg folder, then open the examview folder, and then open the image folder.  From here, I can edit that particular question and add the picture by importing the image file.  But what if you have multiple picture files?  You would have to locate each question that has an image as a part of the question and edit it to include that picture! Not very fun!
And so this lead me to begin my quest to find a better solution to this issue. In Part 2, I’ll talk about the solution to my dilemma.
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