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“Badges, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!” How About A Stamp on Moodle?

In teaching, particularly younger students, they like the rewards given out by teachers. Some may be in the form of a sticker(s), extra credit points, positive punches, or assorted other rewards.  I have found in the past, students who earn points or some other form of recognition that may lead up to extra credit often misplace or lose whatever they use to keep track of the points they earn.
If you’re like me, anything that can help keep track of things electronically works best.  An add-on module for Moodle is the Stamp Collection Module.  It allows you, as a teacher, to give out stamps to students for a variety of reasons, i.e. extra assignments, going above and beyond on a project, etc.
Use stamps for students to earn extra credit, bonus, etc.
Each stamp comes with a text box that allows you to explain the reason that a student received a star.
Text box explains reason for stamp.
You can even allow students to give other students stamps. The good thing is that you can review stamps to make sure students are giving others stamps for appropriate reasons.  If you find a stamp that was given for an inappropriate reason, you can always delete the stamp.  In allowing students to give out stamps, it gives them an opportunity to take responsibility.
So if you are looking for some type of reward system to add to your Moodle, check out the Stamps Collection module.
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