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Part 2: Not a Moodle Plugin But Sure Helps

Here was a test that I had that included an image. I didn’t want to spend too much time importing questions and fixing missing images.
A sample ExamView question with an image.
As my quest began, one option was to see if there was an updated version of ExamView that would allow the export of a test and easily import into Moodle without losing any images. For $79, I could upgrade and see if the newer versions made the process more user-friendly.
In searching the forums on Moodle, I discovered a program Moodle XML builder by Nash Community College. One place to download the application (Windows app) is at 
Softpedia. It allowed me to take a exported Blackboard zipped file and convert it to a moodle.xml file.
The Moodle XML Builder program with the .zip file and the resulting .xml file.
Once the conversation was completed I could then go into Moodle and import the questions as a Moodle.xml file.
I select the Moodle XML format.
When the questions have been imported, I now have a test that included the test question that included a graphic.
Here is the question on the Moodle that included a graphic.
Just a quick note. With a newer version of Moodle (version 2.4+), I have found that Moodle works better with handling Blackboard 6.0+ exports from ExamView 5.x that includes images.  However, for those that want to save a little time and a lot of headaches, I highly recommend using the Moodle XML Builder application.
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