Can We Move Away From The Obstacles?

Restrictive environments add to inability to integrate technology into the classroom. What obstacles have I faced?
My question today is, why can’t I do this? Have you ever left your house to go somewhere thinking you’ve left with plenty of time to get to your destination, only to run into a road detours? What you thought would be an easy drive has now turned into a serious of obstacles that lead to frustration and aggravation. This is a little like I feel at time when it comes to using technology in education.
What got me going on this? This morning I was testing out using my iPad with my MacBook Pro to use in a presentation later today. I didn’t want to keep switching cables to move from my iPad and to my MacBook.  I use Reflector 2 to accomplish this to make the process easier. I’m able to display my iPad using the wireless network to display on MacBook. Just makes it simple and easy to move between the two. Problem? AirDisplay is blocked on the wireless network.  There is that roadblock!
I run into the same thing problem at school.  Want to do something with technology in the classroom….blocked.  At times, I’ve taken that detour and have been able to do what I wanted to do in the classroom.  But the big question, why do we need to do that?  Sometimes it feels as though we tend to block what we don’t know. We block what we don’t understand. We block so we don’t look like we aren’t aware of what’s out there.
I know this has been an ongoing discussion for years. However, we need to continue this discussion until we open up to what is out there.  Lend your voice to the call to action.  Let’s not put up so many obstacles that leads to a minimalist approach to technology in education.
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