Again An Appeal for Real Professional Development

Have we made progress with professional development? A question to ponder.
It was about two years ago I wrote about an appeal to change the way we view and implement professional development. Since this time, I've seen little progress. In discussing this with some administrators I have been told there are have been so many requirements from the state (other states may experience the same), that they have no choice but to limit what they can do on in-service days.
One important issue that seems to be ignored is the lack of teachers input into the decision making process. My question is, how do you get teacher buy-in if they aren't a part of the process? Is there a way to include teachers?
If we don't include teachers in the process of determining professional development during in-service days, can we come up with other solutions? One suggestion was on-line professional development. This is a great idea but what happens when the technology is blocked? For example what about using Google Hangouts? Well, that's great if it isn't blocked. And how do teachers learn how to utilize online professional development if they have no experience?
We need leadership that is willing to open up the process to teacher input. And please, no committees that do a lot of talking but not a lot of action. Also, we need leadership that is able to see the "bigger" picture and truly take the lead in moving forward. This is especially true when it comes to technology integration.
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