Google Classroom - Still in its infancy (Pt. 2)

One of the things that often discourages me in moving from one program to another, whether it's an application or a L.M.S. in this case, is how much of a hassle it is to transfer or move things over. The first thing I wanted to take a look at was how easy would it be to transfer quizzes and tests into Google Classroom. And the answer is….you can't. Let me first talk about how I've done it with Moodle and then I'll take a look at Google Classroom alternative.

In Moodle, I can import questions in a number of different ways. This means I don't need to recreate ones that I already have. There is nothing more frustrating then having to reinvent the wheel. In this case, recreate all of the tests and quizzes I already have on my Moodle.
Various Ways to Import Question into Moodle

In my case I had all my tests and quizzes in ExamView (vers. 5). With this version, I needed to take a few steps to get it into Moodle. However, it wasn't as bad as having to redo all the work previously done. The first step was to go into ExamView and open up the test.

Exporting an exam from ExamView

  Once I exported the file, I then used another program, Moodle XML Builder, available as a free download on numerous sites. I can then select the file that I just exported out of ExamView and convert it as a Moodle XML file.

Using Moodle XML Builder to create Moodle XML file

Once this file is created it can now be imported into Moodle. I can add it to a question bank and then create a new test/quiz to my Moodle. Finally, after students have completed the test/quiz, I can view responses directly inside of Moodle. I can view all responses or view by groups (I use periods, i.e. Period 1, 2, 3, etc). So what about Google Classroom? Sorry to say, it isn't that is nor is there a way to do it. Since Google Classroom utilizes Google Forms for test creation, there is no possibility to import. What solutions are available? If I have a test document, I can use a Google Docs add-on, Doc to Form. In this process, I highlight the question I want to add and then click, Use selected text. Next, I have to select all of possible answers, if multiple choice, and add them in separated by semicolons (;). Can you imagine doing this for each and every test you have?

Using Doc To Form in Google Docs

I suppose if I was just starting off, perhaps this wouldn't be that big of a deal. However, having accumulated various documents, spreadsheets, image galleries, etc. to think about having to manually add each and every item seems rather cumbersome.

Google Classroom - It's Been a While
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Sunday, 18 April 2021

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