The Disconnected In-Service Day

As an educator, how often have you sat through an in-service day ready to jump out of your skin after several hours of sitting in an uncomfortable chair and listening to someone talk at you? Now you know how most students feel each day in a classroom where a teacher-centered approach to education is taken. Maybe this is the real intention of most i...
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Reducing Distractions Using Classcraft

In a recent webinar that I gave as a Classcraft (@classcraft) Ambassador (, I briefly mentioned how I use the Makus Valley - Volume Meter. Many activities that take place in my classroom include team/group based activities. One of the difficulties with these types of activities is that at times the volume lev...
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ClassCraft - Getting Students Involved

Want to get students involved in your classroom? Looking for ways to get students taking responsibility for their action? Students being accountable? Bringing gaming into the classroom? This video cast talks about how you can use ClassCraft in your classroom. Whether it be students taking individual responsibility or having students being leaders w...
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Start Your Story with Sutori

At the beginning of each school year I will have a discussion with students about their perception of Social Studies/History. Many students will state "it's boring" or "what does it have to do with me." I will mention to them that in learning about history, we can learn something about ourselves. That the same emotions, experiences, thoughts, or dr...
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Google Classroom - It's Been a While

So it's been a while since I last addressed the idea of using Google Classroom. What have I been doing is transferring my Moodle to Google Classroom for next year. There are several reasons for this decision. First, over the past 8 years or so, I've been hosting my own Moodle site. I did this due to my school never updating the Moodle. Prior to goi...
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Google Classroom - Still in its infancy (Pt. 2)

One of the things that often discourages me in moving from one program to another, whether it's an application or a L.M.S. in this case, is how much of a hassle it is to transfer or move things over. The first thing I wanted to take a look at was how easy would it be to transfer quizzes and tests into Google Classroom. And the answer is….you can't....
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Educators Need to Empower Themselves

Over the years I've been in education I see educators feeling a lack of empowerment. I've noticed that educators tend to focus on the little things rather then the bigger issues at hand. Often times that don't see how the bigger issues impact those little matters. The idea that everything is connected to everything else is foreign to them. What do ...
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Can We Move Away From The Obstacles?

 My question today is, why can't I do this? Have you ever left your house to go somewhere thinking you've left with plenty of time to get to your destination, only to run into a road detours? What you thought would be an easy drive has now turned into a serious of obstacles that lead to frustration and aggravation. This is a little like I feel...
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