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Looking for Conference Presenters?

If you are looking for people to present at your next conference or in-service let me know.  As indicated below, I've been presenting at conferences since 2006. You will see samples of conference presentations below. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of the types of presentations I've given in the past. Please note if you're looking for something other then what's listed, I'm available to present on a variety of topics related to technology integration.  I've also presented on topics related to educational leadership and the implication of restrictive policies when it comes to technology. My presentations always have the common theme of educators utilizing a student-centered, project-based approach in their classrooms. Prior presentations can be found below with the presentations available for viewing. Interested? Let's talk!

Dr. Alan J. Taylor, Ed.D.

So much of the conversation regarding technology is based around Web 2.0 tools.  In this session learn how a group of 6th grade teachers started off with an idea and grew it into a project that incorporated all areas of the curriculum.  Teachers were given a tablet pc and learned how to use an assortment of Web 2.0 tools to infuse their classrooms with technology. But it didn’t just end with the just teachers using the tools. By incorporating a variety of Web 2.0 tools, such as Moodle, Joomla, Blogs, Wikis, File and Photo Sharing,  Podcasting, Bookmarking, Skype, etc., teachers and students are learning how technology can be beneficial when taking a more constructivist approach in the classroom.  Learn about the struggles, frustrations, as well as the excitement and energy that have come about when teachers and students are given the opportunity to explore new technologies and create a more interactive classroom.


Technology In Education Conference Presentations

In this session you'll get a chance to get started gamifying your classroom. You can utilize ClassCraft for classroom management, as well as sending your students on a quest that incorporates lessons. You will have the opportunity to explore the basic and premium features of ClassCraft.
As far back as history goes, storytelling has been a method to pass on information from one generation to the next. From pre-historical times to today, stories are a great way share what you know with others.
Looking for apps that you can use in the classroom? In this session, we will look at a number of apps available on various platforms (Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Google, and Windows).
Are you thinking about using a Moodle? New user and not sure what to do? Experienced user but want to pick up some new ideas? It’s time to stomp the presenter with your questions!
So much of the conversation regarding technology is based around Web 2.0 tools. In this session learn how a group of 6th grade teachers started off with an idea and grew it into a project that incorporated all areas of the curriculum.
Over 100 years ago John Dewey warned about the restrictive nature of education. Today, we see that same restrictive environment when it comes to students using Web 2.0 tools.
Wish you had a way of creating an electronic book that you could distribute to your students that includes all the materials you need? Do you take information from numerous sources and patch things together to distribute to your students?
You just got through an in-service day where you learned some new, creative, innovative, cutting-edge technology equipment or software. Now back in your room weeks later you have a conversation with yourself, “how do I do that?” only to discover all that you learned has now entered the recesses of your mind. You quickly scramble to find another teacher to see if they remember. Sound familiar?

System Requirements

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge
PHP 5.4+ (PHP 5.5.9+ for Grav) with Curl, OpenSSL Libraries and Multibyte String Support
Joomla 3.9+, WordPress 5.0+, Grav 1.5+